A downloadable Blaze for Windows and macOS

NOTES: Airdropping this is illegal. The end-user license agreement says so.

Many games have elements of superspeed, mainly time-slows (for example, Superhot). However, this game has raw superspeed. Simple speed, with no enhanced senses to go with it. Avoid the green, slow-moving balls, the Black Holes, and the enemies which shoot blue bullets.


Moving: WASD/Arrow keys

Shoot: E

Reload: R

Shield is now deprecated. Use the sniper (3) or rocket launcher (5).

Scope: F

3rd Person View: G

Swap weapons: Number keys.

Weapons: 1=Minigun, 2=Assault Rifle, 3=Sniper Rifle, 4=Pistols, 5=Rocket Launcher.

Mini map: M

Mini map off: O

Notes: This is free, but if you could drop me a buck or two, that'd be greatly appreciated.

Install instructions

Simply open the .zip file and play.


Blaze Survival v3 90 MB
Blaze Survival v2 (Old) 64 MB
Blaze Survival 1.8 (Old) 53 MB
Blaze Survival 1.7 (Old) 53 MB